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Not Your Grandma's Christmas Cards

Have you ever received two Holiday Cards that looked exactly the same?  Or have you ever been on a chain store website and from the thousands of options couldn't find anything you liked?  Custom Printed Cards are just about my favorite product ever.  These templates are just suggestions - anything can be changed - the colors, the fonts, the size, shape, etc.

Here's what people are saying about custom cards...

Below is a slideshow of template choices.

And if you want to get super snazzy, here are all of the options for die cut shapes (click here).

Below is the complete pricing information.  One credit is $10 with bonus credits given at certain credit levels.  Contact me for details about packages and bonus credits.

To place an order simply email me at or call me at 585-261-9059.  You will receive a complete list of template options to choose from and we'll work together to create a card that makes you giddy.